Saturday, September 12, 2009

An ugly woman is a lazy woman

One of my favourite quotes is from Helena Rubinstein. “There are no ugly women,” the founder of the eponymous US cosmetic brand had equipped, “only lazy ones.”

In other words, all women can look attractive, even stunningly gorgeous, if only they devote enough time and effort. This applies to men, too, but to a lesser extent, as men generally don’t wear make up and have more limited fashion choices.

As demonstrated by before and after images in makeovers, ugly ducklings turning into swans are not the stuff of fairy tales.

Each time I ride on the MRT, my sharp eyes notice so many dull-looking women with fine features that could have been illuminated with a little dab of this and a few a drops of that. Some of them dress like they are heading for the wet market or had picked up their outfit in the dark.

Are they too busy? Maybe. Totally oblivious? Perhaps. Or plain lazy? Most likely.

I once asked a female friend why she doesn’t do something about her perpetually disheveled hairdo. She said: “I’d rather spend that 10 minutes in the morning getting some extra sleep than blowing my hair.’

She might as well not wash her face and not brush her teeth to save more time.

My position is that if this is the way she wants it, then she has no grounds to complain that she is cursed with ugliness.

As a frequent traveler, I notice that Singaporeans are one of the dowdiest people compared to other developed countries.

A tour guide once joked to me that to tell Singaporeans apart from the Hong Kongers, Koreans and Japanese at an airport, one should simple look for the worst-dressed group.

I am not advocating overdressing or slathering one’s face with an inch of clay foundation. Yucks!

But every woman can do with subtle touch of colour on her lips and cheeks.

Neither am I talking about striving relentlessly for physical perfection. One does not need to be blessed with flawless skin, an hourglass figure and lustrous locks to be pretty.

One just needs to know how to cover up that pimple, wear clothes that flatter and find a good hairstylist.

Lose excess weight. No money, no time? Ditch the city gym. Jog around the HDB block. Don’t slouch, sit up, stand tall. Forget expensive cosmetics. You can get affordable ones from Watsons.

I don’t understand why so many women neglect their physical appearance when paying attention to it brings many advantages. At work, you appear more professional. At a party, you imply respect for the host. On a date, looking good drives up your confidence and further your chances of charming the man.

Don’t give me the clichés that beauty is only skin deep or in the eye of the beholder. That’s just a convenient excuse for lazy people.

The ugly – pun totally intended – truth is that men, with the exception of Prince Charles, like well-proportioned women with feminine faces and would prefer to date one of them over a horse-faced woman any day.

Denying or resisting this is futile.

Peple tell me that they like my fair skin. Trust me, I was not born with it. It is the cumulative results of applying SPF-50 sunscreen daily, whitening cream nightly and shaving and waxing weekly. Ouch!

So, sisters, if you hate being ugly, stop being lazy.

Feb 17, 2004


Janice Wong

From Single Picky Girl

A Collection of Columns by Janice Wong.

P/s: I am being a good girl now! So, bought moisturizers and lotions containing SPF! xD


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