Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids in China These Days

I was browsing thru William's blog and found how "amazing" kids these days and I thought I just want to share it with you. I have resize most of the pictures so it fits here better. ENJOY!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wedding Game (大喜事) Movie Premier, PC and Event @ KL

First of all, I wanted to apologize for pending this post for such a long time. But posting late it's heaps better than no posting at all rite? *grinnnnnnneed* =D

It was a very last minute plan when Lisa and I decided to attend The Wedding Game movie Premiere @ GSC in Pavillion invited by Josh Lim from Advertlets on 22nd January.

The movie premier for bloggers and media was at 10am!! Gosh. Not that I remember watching movie in the cinema so early! *yawn*

Ok, lets get back to the movie!

The Wedding Game is a romantic comedy directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham was filmed in Singapore and Malaysia (Malacca). The main cast for this movie is no other than the most famous celebrity couple in South East Asia, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.


Jack proposed to Vikki publicly during a live award show. Vikki who was surprised and shocked accepts happily for the sake of pleasing the public.

However, the public is not aware that these so called “lovebirds” dislike each other since the very first day they met. This love affair was mainly designed and planned for the sake of the fame and fortunes of the two celebrity by their managers, May and Tom.

Things were going well as planned and both celebrities eventually fell in love until a lunatic fan ruined everything and both confessed to the public about their "relationship". Sigh. Do you think both will regain their publicity and support from the nation? Well, I am not telling you. =P

Personally, I find this movie OK. There are a couple of funny scene but nothing too exciting to be honest. It's very predictable and there is not much excitement about it. But, I love one of their OST, 'Wo Men De Ai' (我们的爱) sang by Hagen Tan (陈孟奇) and Cristy Yow(姚慧敏). The lyrics is really touching if you understand mandarin.

After the premier, me, Lisa, Josh (right) and Vanes (left) was so hungry and decide to have lunch at DainTi Hill @ Pavillion.

We want a candid!

Camwhored @ Times Bookstore

Me and Lisa initially not planning to go the press conference @ Ritz Carlton Hotel but was kindly invited by Vanes and Josh to join them as we are able to meet the stars in person. LOL. So me and Lisa finally agreed as both of us want to meet the ever fabulous Fann Wong and to check out if Christopher and Charles (黑人) are hot!

We camwhored while waiting for the stars to arrive!

Finally, the main stars for the movie! Fann Wong is soooo pretty and fantabulous. She is most likely the fairest person during the conference. Flawless. Glow like a diamond! Just like Snow White. So envy! I think no one would be able to guess her age though!

From left: Daniel Tan, Christopher, Fann, Auntie Lai Ming, director - Ekachai, Alice Lau (刘雅丽) and Charles Chen a.k.a 黑人

黑人 probably busy texting Fan Fan *winks*

While 黑人 was sitting down at one corner while the media doing some interview with the main stars and the director. I muka-tebal-ed approached him and ask.

Me: 黑人, 我可以跟你 一起 拍照 吗? (Hei ren, can I take picture with you?)
黑人 with a friendly look: 可以啊! (Can!)

While I was standing beside him ready for the picture, Vanes came and join us as well.
Oh, did you guys realize the sweater that 黑人 wore? Very stylish, kan? Come, let me ZOOM in and show you something....





TADA! It's the limited edition from Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage. According to Gin, you can only get them in Japan. Hmmmmmm.. rich fella!

Took picture with Auntie Lai Ming. Chiak Bah Beh!! She is so friendly and nice.

With Daniel Tan and Auntie Lai Ming.

Acting cute with Daniel.
Gin, you're not acting any cute wei! >"<
Had tea after the event. Clockwise from top: Fried mozarella cheese with sour cream and parley, deep fried yam balls with mushroom & cute mini tiramisu in chocolate cuppies!

I know I'm not here to eat but the tiny weenie tiramisu in chocolate cuppies is sinfully delicious! THE BEST TIRAMISU I've came across. The filling is so bloody creamy and rich while the chocolate cuppies melts right away in your mouth. YuMzzz! I'm so going to ask my mum to order this for our house warming next time... weeeeeeeeeee.....

Me happily indulge the snacks ESP the TIRAMISU!!!! OMG OMG OMG......... I want more NOW!

Daniel Tan later approached me and Lisa if we want to join him for a drink then dinner with other friends while lepak-ing till meet-the-fans session starts.

Met more people! Me and Lisa with 4 hotties. From left: Adrien, magician - David Lai, Daniel Tan and Sam Yeap. LOL. Sam's AX sweater glow like mad!

We were not that short ok. I don't know why we bent down a lil since we were not as tall as them.. Now this pics make us look heaps shorter. Did you realize the people on my side smile with their teeth showing but vice versa on Lisa's side. =P

Dinner @ Pepper Lunch. Sizzles sizzles sizzles. Taste OK but for me a lil overpriced!
Kong managed to get VIP pass for the event.

Red carpet with lots of media @ Centre Court in Pavillion.

Pics again while waiting for event to start.


and guess who we spotted!!!!!!!!!

The emcee of the nite.. Owen Yap!
He realized we were staring at him and Gin was holding his super canggih camera. So he was like.

Owen: Wanna take picture with me? *cute looking reaction*
Me and lisa happily nodded: Yes yes..... LOL

While taking the picture, he asked..

Owen: Do I look funny?
Me and Lisa: No no...
Me: You look cute!
Owen: Really, I thought I look a lil awkward today.
Me and Lisa: Where got!
and we happily smiled at the camera!

He was so cute and adorable! He even checked if the picture turn out well and he was like.. OMG I look funny. Let's take one more.

Haha! He is so approachable and hot!

We did not get to stay till the event started coz the they delayed the event while me and Lisa had to rush home since we've been out for a long day!

I have to say I had lotsa fun that day! Get to meet new people...

Sign out. Ciaoz!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Trust Myself More Than You

Emoness fills into me.
But nothing change for who you are.


Poems. Stories. Chapters. Dreams. Hope.

Why all these sweet talks.
Why all the hopes when you are just not who you are!
You overated yourself.
Hating you for giving me nightmares.

Nightmares.. nightmares..
Scariness. Doubt. Hard to forget!

I don't love you anymore I know.
Letting go.

I will be stronger than ever because I trust myself more than you!