Monday, September 1, 2008

Malaysia 50 +1

As usual, MYSUN from University of Newcastle organized partae to celebrate Malaysia's Birthday- Merdeka Nite 2008! For NON-malaysians, it's Malaysia 50+1 st Birthday this year!

This year partae was held at Brennan Room in the University with "Citrawarna" as the theme.

Table 14 tickets!

Super colourful "pamphlet" on the table

With my kuih-muih (They taste pretty good though but not as good as my mum's of course) =P

My main course of the day - Grilled Chicken With Mashed Potato

To be honest with you, overall this year celebration was better than previous year (as in WONDERFUL performance and space). HOWEVER, I was quite dissapointed with the meal they provide. Would you expect paying $25 ($10 more than previous yearsss) but with less food! And else Western Food for Merdeka Nite??? You must be joking!? And WHY do we pay so much more compared to the previous one BUT don't have lucky draw??? WHY WHY WHY!!!!?

Aih~ Never mind. I just want to take this opportunity to enjoy the performance and to meet all my friends which I've not been seing them in AGES!!!

Lion Dance (I really did not expect this but was pretty darn good!)

There were Silat, Choir, Bollywood Dance, Malay Dance and Kids singing Tanggal 31. I really enjoyed the performance though. WELL, at least we don't need to listen to old boring "sajak" reciting. That was really nasty last year! OPPPPSSssss NO Offence BUT that was really silly!






Maggie (love your sari)

Jason acting cool WTH

Valerie the sweet and chirpy girl

Jeannie with her stunning Cheong Sam

Hyper Ping Syen with her super high heels =P

and last but not least our Mr Bollywood, Eric

Oh boy, you are so funny and energetic when you dance! BIG applause for you!

Congratulations Maggie and Kevin for winning the best dress for the nite!

HEY, you guys gotta thank me for giving you luck because I sat next to you guys. BUT anyway, both of you deserve this award especially Kevin! It was quite cold that night and he tried million ways to warm himself. Poor thing. But at least you know hard work pays! Congrats for both of you once again! =D

With MYSUN president, Hafiz

I still remember meeting him last year and how he was asking me to cut his hair for him when he needed one. That was pretty random! I think it was because I told him I used to work in my aunt's Beauty Saloon but I think he assumed I've worked in a Hair Saloon? Hummmmm, sounds like it.

With Brendan and....... aikksss where is Serene??

My bubbly senior, Lisa

Random group pics with Hock Luck, Lisa, Cindy, Michelle, Emmerie, Brendan along with their friends

Another one

The night ended with "Negaraku". (LOL, I though that is always the 1st song before the event begin) and "Tanggal 31" (this is always my favourite national song).

Merdekaaaaaa!!! Merdekaaaaa!! Merdekaaaaaaaaa!