Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smokers? PLEASE read this

Phone conversation.
A: Eh, I want to stop smoking!
C: Yea, me too.... I need to quit now or never.

In the shopping mall.
A: Wei, lets go outside! Cannot stand. I need one NOW.
B: K la. I also beh tahan.
C: Eh, I want to join too.

A, B and C then happily and tak sabar-ly went to enjoy their ciggies!

ME at one corner: *speechless* *SWT!!!!!!!!!!!!*


GOD people.. You guys only know how to say..Tarak action!

SIGH~ When I was doing my clinical placement at the hospital 18 out of 20 of my stroke patients were Active SmoKerS!!!

You guys don't realize how many harmful bastardsss in one ciggie, don't you?

Let me tell you! Ciggies contain:

1. BENZENE (petrol addictive)
- used as solvent in fuel and in chemical manufacture
- a.k.a carcinogen
- associated with leukaemia

2. FORMADEHYDE (embalming fluid)
- used to preserve dead bodies
- highly poisonous
- known to cause cancer, respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin problems

3. AMMONIA (toilet cleaner)
- found in dry cleaning fluids

4. ACETONE (nail polish remover)
- used as solvent

5. NICOTINE (insecticide)
- the most addictive substance for human being

6. CARBON MONOXIDE (car exhaust fumes)
- poisonous gas
- fatal in large amounts
- the gas that exhale from you car exhaust
- MAIN gas formed when ciggie is lit

7. ARSENIC (rat poison)
- used as pesticide in tobacco farming

8. CADMIUM (batteries)
- toxic heavy metal used in batteries
- smokers have twice as much of cadmium in their bodies compared to non-smokers

9. HYDROGEN CYANIDE (gas chamber poison)
- was used to kill people in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany during WWII.

I can't believe you guys are paying so much for this AWFULLY ULTIMATELY DISGUSTINGLY HARMFUL bastardssss to "enjoy" your so call "destress tool" or "addiction" or "enjoyment" or whatever you call them.

COME ON, people! WAKE UP!

If you are having a ciggie now, might as well just throw it away. Don't give yourself an excuse saying "Last one last one, I promise won't do it again" or "this is my last BOX before I call it a quit. I still have 3 more and it's going to be the last one". BULL SHIT!



Don't you understand SIMPLE terms for gods sake, you MORONS!!

I don't even think this is a cool picture. HORRIBLE! DISGUSTING!

P.S: Some contents of this post are found in today's Star Newspaper published by QUIT SMOKING!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is Stressed?


mirror imaged!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Faye Wong - Hong Dou (紅豆)

I want to share one of my favourite song which is sang by nonetheless Faye Wong. Old but memorable. ENJOY!! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boys Over Flower OST Free for Download


As everyone know, most people these days are crazy over Boys Over Flowers a.k.a
Kkotboda Namja these days.

And I'm pretty sure people are just totally in love with their songs, right?

I know some of you might want to possess their songs and don't mind listening to them all night long. Below are some of the which I say nicer and more popular songs found in their three OSTs.

So, if any of you guys want to keep them, just click on the link of the song below and hit the "download" button and save it. ENJOY!